News Headlines - 28 December 2010

▽Forecasters warn jobless rate set to nudge 9% - FT.com
Unemployment will rise to about 2.7m, or close to 9 per cent of the workforce, next year while incomes are squeezed by below-inflation wage increases, two leading business groups have warned.
Forecasters are divided, however, over how long the pain of rising joblessness will last, with some predicting a more robust recovery in employment in the second half.

▽CCTV helps solve six crimes a day, says Met - The Press Association
Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville said Scotland Yard has revolutionised the use of CCTV by treating it like DNA or fingerprints.
The officer, who heads the Met's identification unit, said the number of suspects identified by his team has risen by a quarter to 2,512.

▽Apple Sued For Allegedly Sending User Data To Advertisers - Wall Street Journal
Apple Inc. (AAPL) and a handful of mobile app developers have been sued for allegedly transmitting user information to advertising networks without the consent of owners of its mobile products, like the iPhone and iPad.

▽Russia rebuffs Western criticism of oil tycoon's trial - Washington Post
Russia has warned the West to mind its business, accusing it of attempting to influence the trial of jailed oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky and calling condemnation of the guilty verdict against him "unacceptable."

▽Thousands with no water in North after mains burst - Irish Times
THOUSANDS OF people across Northern Ireland were without water yesterday because of burst water mains and dry and depleted reservoirs.







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