News Headlines - 01 January 2011

▽Tory rebels and Labour join forces on EU Bill - Telegraph.co.uk
Eurosceptic Tories will table radical changes to the legislation, which they claim does not deliver on its promise of a referendum on future transfers of powers to the European Union.
If the changes strengthening the legislation are not accepted by the Government, some Conservatives said they might even vote down the entire Bill.

▽Miliband in fresh appeal to Lib Dems - The Guardian
Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, will tomorrow make a fresh appeal to Liberal Democrats, urging them to work with his party in pursuit of their shared ambition of "progressive" policies.
Miliband will hint that Lib Dem members have already taken part in two major campaigns against coalition policy – one fighting cuts to school sport and a second defending a scheme that provides free books for children.

▽My New Year's prediction: The Coalition won’t collapse - just be hated - Telegraph.co.uk
First, the Coalition will not collapse. If one (or even two) major front-bench Liberal Democrats depart in a noisy kerfuffle – which also seems to me unlikely, given the shameless tenacity with which they are hanging on to government office – the basic construct will survive. However, its very survival, and all the further contortions and concessions which that will require, will lead to irreparable dissatisfaction among both parties’ supporters, and disillusion in the country at large.

▽Government faced with the most rebellious Parliament since 1945 - Independent
Government MPs are rebelling against their parties' policies on a scale not seen since 1945, new research for The Independent has revealed. During the Coalition's first seven months, dozens of Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs – including many elected for the first time in May – have repeatedly defied House of Commons whips to vote against the Government.

▽Commodities round off strong year - Independent
Gold and copper rose on the final day of what proved to be a stellar 12 months for both commodities.







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