News Headlines - 02 January 2011

▽Joanna killer 'still on the loose' - The Press Association
The killer of landscape architect Joanna Yeates remains on the loose and women in Bristol should not walk home alone after dark, police have warned.

▽Anger over knighthood for man who sold Cadbury to US - The Guardian
The decision to give a knighthood to the man who masterminded the sale of Cadbury to a foreign buyer came under attack today. The union representing workers at the chocolate maker said its members would be "surprised and disappointed" by Roger Carr's inclusion in the New Year honours list.

▽Property prices set for further falls in 2011 - Independent
House prices ended 2010 broadly flat – with widening regional disparities and the prospect of weak or stagnant property values in 2011, as public spending cuts and job losses depress the market, especially outside the South and the East.

▽IPhone Alarm Glitch Leaves Some Asleep - Wall Street Journal
A glitch with Apple Inc.'s iPhone alarm gave some users a late start to the new year.
The alarm application on the smartphone failed to work for alarms that were set for one-time use only—as opposed to recurring—on the first two days of 2011, triggering reports that some people wound up oversleeping.

▽Amazon Adds Book Lending Feature To Kindle - ITProPortal
Amazon has published details about a new feature that will allow Kindle users to lend ebooks once for a period of 14 days, something that one of its competitors, the Nook, offered from day one.
The big downside is that only selected ebooks can be loaned and only once per fortnight; publishers are free to opt in or out of the scheme and it is understandable that not many have warmed up to the idea.







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