News Headlines - 03 January 2011

▽Joanna Yeates: Police not ruling out multiple killers - The Guardian
Detectives are not ruling out possibility that more than one person was involved or that killing was sexually motivated

▽Earthquake hits northern England - Telegraph.co.uk
An earthquake hit homes across the north of England on Monday night, weeks after a similar tremor in Cumbria.

▽Last minute dash to beat the tax hike as Miliband warns VAT rise will put 250,000 jobs at risk - Daily Mail
Experts claim increase could cost families £520 extra per year
Labour leader Ed Miliband claims the move is 'too far, too fast'

▽WikiLeaks: Iran Can Attack Israel With Less Than 12 Minutes Warning - Voice of America
U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks reveal that Israel believes it would have 10-12 minutes' warning should Iran launch a rocket attack against the country.
The Norwegian daily Aftenposten  published a cable Monday from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv that discusses a Nov 15, 2009 meeting between an American congressional delegation and Israel's military chief.

▽US, Germany developing secret spy satellites: cables - AFP
Germany and the United States are jointly developing secret spy satellites under the guise of a commercial programme despite opposition from France, leaked US diplomatic cables showed Monday.







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