News Headlines - 04 January 2011

▽VAT rate rises: Your stories - BBC
The standard rate of VAT has risen from 17.5% to 20% as the government looks to boost tax revenues to cut its deficit... BBC News website readers have been telling how this rise will affect their family finances and their small businesses.

▽No pension at many small firms - The Press Association
Around 96% of firms employing 250 or less people that do not have a pension scheme said they were put off offering one because of the costs involved, according to the Association of Consulting Actuaries.

▽Manufacturing growth: How the UK compares with the rest of the world - Telegraph.co.uk
UK manufacturing expanded at its fastest pace in 16 years in December as exports drove new orders. But how does Britain fare against its global counterparts? Here's a snapshot.

▽BT Content Connect service faces 'two-tier net' claims - BBC
"It is essentially them saying: 'Rather than delivering whatever content is on the internet as best we can, here are our services that we will deliver through our own network.'"He said the result could be a "fundamental shift" from consumers choosing what video and gaming services they buy on the internet to "buying services from the internet to bundled services from ISPs".
"This would reduce competition and take investment away from internet companies - that would be bad for everyone."

▽BP shares surge on spill compensation - FT.com
Shares in BP jumped as much as 7 per cent to a six-month high in London on the first day of trading in the new year as investors bought back into the stock after news that its compensation pay-outs for the Gulf of Mexico spill might be much lower than anticipated.







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