News Headlines - 08 January 2011

▽Arizona shooting leaves US stunned - the Guardian
The shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and some of her top aides has left America shocked. Not only for the violence against an elected leader but also for the fact that it happened in broad daylight.

▽Arm deal 'will end Microsoft and Intel's dominance' - The Guardian
Microsoft's decision to make its new operating system run on Arm chips will leave it playing catch-up in the growing tablet computer market, says analyst

▽CES 2011: Tablets do battle at Las Vegas gadget show - BBC
The tablet wars are on and industry watchers say it will come down to a battle between Apple and Google for domination.

▽Electric cars not accessible 'in next five years' - BBC
The majority of global car executives do not foresee a reasonably priced electric vehicle being available on the mass market in the next five years, a survey has suggested.

▽Global fears rise over German meat - AFP
Global fears mounted on Saturday over the safety of German meat due to contaminated animal feed, with South Korea banning pork imports and Slovakia suspending poultry sales.







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