News Headlines - 10 January 2011

▽Arizona shooting suspect Jared Loughner in court - BBC
A man charged with trying to assassinate a US congresswoman in a shooting that left six people dead and more than a dozen wounded has appeared in federal court in Phoenix, Arizona.

▽Pandas come to Britain for first time in 17 years - Telegraph.co.uk
A breeding pair, named Tian Tian and Yangguang, will be homed at Edinburgh Zoo following the successful conclusion of five years of diplomatic and political negotiations.

▽Activists walk free as undercover officer prompts collapse of case - The Guardian
Calling for an inquiry, they said the undercover officer police officer played a central role in organising and paying for the invasion. "We're not talking about someone sitting at the back of the meeting taking notes," said Danny Chivers, one of the six defendants to accuse Kennedy of crossing the line from passive spy to agent provocateur. "He was in the thick of it."

▽Activists clashes with Japanese whaling ship - Telegraph.co.uk
The Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR), the research centre authorised by the Japanese Ministry of Fisheries to catch whales, has released video which they say shows conservation group Sea Shepherd activists attacking the Japanese whaling ship.

▽Colin Blanchard: the disturbing backstory to a crime of our times - The Guardian
The three accused were the last to be dealt with in this case, which was triggered by the arrest of Plymouth nursery worker Vanessa George, accused of assaulting an unknown number of infants on a changing mat at Little Ted's nursery, while photographing her actions for the gratification of others. The self-styled "paedo whore mum" had, according to Justice Royce, who tried her case last October, aroused "revulsion and incredulity", the shockwaves extending "perhaps to every nursery school in the country".







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