News Headlines - 12 January 2011

▽Brisbane battens down the hatches as flooding peaks - Telegraph.co.uk
Thousands of residents of Brisbane are rushing to evacuate homes and move to higher ground as the region's worst flood in decades bore down on the city.

▽British trade gap widens - The Guardian
Heavy imports of oil and aircraft affect trade figures

▽Sony takes PS3 hackers to court - V3.co.uk
Sony argues that by developing and distributing the "jailbreak" methods and tools, the group is in violation of Sony's user agreements and is infringing on the company's copyrights.

▽Microsoft Fights Apple's 'App Store' Trademark Claim - Wall Street Journal
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is fighting Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) attempt to trademark the term "app store," saying it is a generic term used throughout the technology industry.

▽Manga heroes inspire wave of giving to Japanese children - The Guardian
The gift-giving spree began on Christmas Day when a donation of 10 school bags – sturdy leather satchels costing up to several hundred pounds each – were left in front of a child welfare centre.
A note identified the donor only as Naoto Date, the protagonist in Tiger Mask, a cartoon series about a professional wrestler.







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