News Headlines - 14 January 2011

▽High-level talks over trains bid - The Northern Echo
Mr Hammond is awaiting advice on whether Hitachi’s proposal for “hybrid” electric/diesel trains offers better value for money than the alternative of coupling electric trains with diesel locomotives.

▽London mayor criticised for train driver remarks - FT.com
Boris Johnson, London’s mayor faced widespread criticism on Friday after he suggested new signalling systems being introduced on several London Underground lines would mean anyone could be trained to drive a train in “a matter of weeks”.

▽Russia slams Britain over alleged Kremlin spy - Telegraph.co.uk
The young Russian is challenging that order but learnt on Thursday that she would have to wait until a hearing in October to learn her fate.
The Russian foreign ministry said making her wait that long was unacceptable and doomed her to effective house arrest.

▽Yorkshire Ripper must die in prison, appeal court rules - The Guardian
The Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, will spend the rest of his life behind bars, the court of appeal has ruled.

▽Tunisian president swept from power - FT.com
A month-long wave of violent protests has swept Tunisia’s president from power, bringing an extraordinary end to the 23-year rule of one of the Arab world’s most autocratic leaders.







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