News Headlines - 16 January 2011

▽Is Tunisia the first domino to fall? - Telegraph.co.uk
The events that triggered the overthrow of President Ben Ali are unique, but there are good reasons for alarm among rulers across the Arab world

▽Spy PC Mark Kennedy ‘driven to brink of suicide’ - Metro
Mr Kennedy, who had infiltrated a group of eco-activists by pretending to be a climber, also stated he feared for his life.
The 41-year-old’s role was exposed last week when a trial of six people accused of planning to invade Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station in Nottinghamshire collapsed
as prosecutors dropped the charges.

▽Four years on, phone-hacking scandal is still growing - The Guardian
Four years ago a News of the World reporter was jailed over the hacking of celebrities' phone lines. But the scandal rumbles on, and the questions continue to multiply

▽Inflation, the old enemy, is back. But this is no time to be frightened - The Guardian
Tuesday will bring more gloomy economic news in the wake of rising petrol, energy and food prices. The Bank of England will be under pressure to act to curb inflation; but some believe inaction will be the most courageous choice of all

▽Wikipedia founder marks 10 years - The Press Association
Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the website and said he had suffered airport security embarrassment over confusion with the WikiLeaks site.
Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia, has become the fifth most visited internet site in the world.







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