News Headlines - 22 January 2011

▽Tony Blair's promise to George Bush: count on us on Iraq war - The Guardian
Tony Blair today admitted to brushing aside warnings that invading Iraq would be unlawful and made clear his overriding priority, even at the expense of opposition and secrecy at home, was to maintain a close relationship with the US president.

▽Profile: Conservative chairman Baroness Warsi - BBC
As chairman of the Conservative Party, Baroness Warsi is the first Muslim woman to be a Cabinet minister.

▽10 billionth App prize for UK woman - The Press Association
Apple, who run the store for its 160 million iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, have declared Ms Davis the winner of its Countdown to 10 Billion Apps competition meaning she will receive a 10,000 dollar (£6,250) iTunes gift card.
Ms Davis told BBC Radio 5 Live: "I have to confess it wasn't me who downloaded it but my daughters.

▽British Airways Strike Could Interrupt Easter & Royal Wedding Travel - Peace FM Online
It's unfortunate timing for travelers, not to mention the airline, which promoted a royal wedding package in November, with prices starting at $865 for a four-day London getaway.

▽Iran nuclear talks end with no agreement; U.S. officials say six powers aligned - Washington Post
Diplomatic efforts to end the eight-year-old impasse over Iran's nuclear program ran aground Saturday after Iranian officials refused to bargain with the United States and other world powers unless they first agreed to conditions including an immediate halt to economic sanctions.







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