News Headlines - 25 January 2011

▽BBC World Service will close 5 overseas services - Reuters
The BBC World Service, part of Britain's state-backed public broadcaster, will shut down five overseas services in response to a cut in its funding from the foreign ministry, it said on Tuesday.

▽Cabinet never ‘knew score’ on Iraq - Financial Times 
Tony Blair never showed key documents on Iraq to his cabinet colleagues and left ministers “imprisoned” in a position of choosing between his downfall or that of Saddam Hussein, according to his former cabinet secretary.

▽Egypt protests: Eyewitness accounts - BBC 
Thousands of people took part in rare anti-government protests in Egypt after an internet campaign inspired by the uprising in Tunisia.

▽After bombing, Russia's leaders place blame on airport - Washington Post
Assigning blame in the wake of the suicide bombing at Domodedovo Airport, Russian leaders Tuesday drew a clear line between those responsible for security at the airport and those whose job it is to fight terrorism nationally.

▽Anger In Lebanon As Hezbollah Backs Sunni PM - Sky News
In a fundamental shift in power, Shia militant organisation Hezbollah has gained control of the Lebanese government.







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