News Headlines - 27 January 2011

▽Protests in Egypt intensify - CBC.ca
The third straight day of protests in Egypt escalated into more violence outside Cairo Thursday, with reports of a fire department set ablaze and of shots exchanged between police and demonstrators.

▽Anti-government rallies hit Yemen - Aljazeera.net
Tens of thousands of people in Yemen have taken to the streets in the country's capital, calling for an end to the government of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the president.
Inspired by recent events in Tunisia and Egypt, opposition members and youth activists are rallying at four different locations in Sanaa on Thursday, chanting for Saleh, who has been in power for 32 years, to step down.

▽London urges investigation into Uganda gay activist death - AFP
London on Thursday urged Ugandan police to fully investigate the murder of a gay rights activist in the country who was killed after his name and picture were published in a homophobic tabloid.

▽Tweeting in court spreads to Scotland - The Guardian
Judges may let journalists tweet from Scottish courts more often now that the media have been allowed to do so for the first time at Tommy Sheridan's sentencing hearing.

▽The Sony NGP/PSP2: What we still don't know - CNET
Last night's Tokyo announcement of the PSP2, now known as the Sony Next Generation Portable, revealed details that had been previously mentioned in a variety of rumors. To a large extent, those rumors proved correct: no UMD drive, but a 5-inch high-resolution OLED screen, 3G capabilities, front and rear touch capabilities, and--yes--dual analog sticks are all part of the NGP's design.
However, much as with the first announcement of the Nintendo 3DS, a lot of key details are still undefined.







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