News Headlines - 29 January 2011

▽Mubarak's dictatorship must end now - The Guardian
Days of rage in Egypt signify the end of days for Hosni Mubarak's repressive and bankrupt regime. For 30 years, the president has held his country down through fear, secret police, emergency laws, American cash subsidies and a lamentable absence of vision and imagination. His crude, Gaullist message: without me, chaos. Now the chaos has come anyway. And Mubarak must go.

▽Student leader Aaron Porter barracked with anti-Semitic insults - Telegraph.co.uk
The head of the National Union of Students had to be led to safety from a tuition fees rally he had been due to address after being surrounded by protesters chanting anti-semitic insults at him.

▽Murdoch to launch iPad-only newspaper 'The Daily' - MacVideo.tv
Apple and News Corp will launch the latter's The Daily iPad-only newspaper next week in New York, according to invitations sent to members of the press.

▽Dutch freeze contacts with Iran over hanging - BBC
The Dutch government has frozen all contacts with Iran in protest over the hanging of a Dutch-Iranian woman.

▽Amazon Kindle ebooks outsell paperbacks - Telegraph.co.uk
A similar pattern has continued during January 2011 with 115 ebooks being sold for every 100 paperbacks.
The figure only relates to the US market and the number of ebooks sold on Amazon’s own e-reader device, the Kindle, which now accounts for 41.5 per cent of the e-reader market. Amazon is expected to sell more than eight million Kindles this year, up from 2.4 million last year, according to Bloomberg.
The figures exclude any free ebook download offers but include those made via the free Kindle iPhone app and tablet and desktop apps.







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