News Headlines - 02 February 2011

▽Pro-Mubarak demonstrators attack journalists - CNN
A Belgian reporter on Wednesday was arrested, beaten and accused of being a spy by men supporting the Mubarak regime in the central Cairo neighborhood of Choubra, according to one news media watchdog group. An Egyptian reporter was found severely beaten several hours after a group of men seized him in Tahrir Square, according to his news organization.

▽Australia's Queensland battered by Cyclone Yasi - BBC
Cyclone Yasi struck the coast south of the city of Cairns at about midnight, ripping roofs from houses and toppling trees and power lines.
Small communities bore the brunt of winds up to 290km/h (181mph) as the storm swept inland slowly weakening.

▽Jack Straw reveals Tony Blair could have pulled troops back on brink of war - Mirror.co.uk 
TONY Blair refused to stand down UK forces on the brink of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Jack Straw said yesterday.
The former Foreign ­Secretary told the Iraq Inquiry he had advised Mr Blair days before the war started that ground troops could still be pulled back.

▽News Corp Launches iPad Only Newspaper The Daily In US - ITProPortal
The Daily will offer up to 100 pages of content each day - “depending on the news” - and is stacked full of other features designed to make the most of the iPad’s functionality, including HD video and 360 degree photos.

▽Vodafone ropes in Philips President & CEO as new Chairman - Economic Times
Vodafone has roped in outgoing Philips president and CEO Gerard Kleisterlee to replace outgoing chairman Sir John Bond, who retires in July 2011. Mr Kleisterlee replaces Sir John at a time when the Vodafone chairman has been under pressure from shareholders, and come in for his share of controversy. The outgoing chairman, however, said that the process of succession had beguin last February, as he was always planning to retire in 2011.







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