News Headlines - 04 February 2011

▽Egypt holds 'Day of Departure' - Aljazeera.net
Hundreds of thousands of protesters have gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square in what has been a largely peaceful protest, calling for Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president, to stand down.

▽Amid Protests, Views of Post-Mubarak Egypt Emerge - ABC News
A new rally Friday by nearly 100,000 protesters in Cairo and behind-the-scenes diplomacy from the Obama administration piled more pressure on President Hosni Mubarak to make a swift exit and allow a temporary government to embark on an immediate path toward democracy.

▽Wikileaks: US concerned over British Muslims - Insideireland.ie
Memos from the American embassy in London in August 2006 said that the government in the UK had made “little progress” in engaging with its Muslim community in the wake of the ‘7/7’ terror attacks in 2005.

▽Multiculturalism has failed in Britain - Cameron - Reuters
State multiculturalism has failed and left young Muslims vulnerable to radicalization, Prime Minister David Cameron will say on Saturday, arguing for a more active policy to heal divisions and promote Western values.

▽David Cameron 'a liar or an idiot’ to hire Andy Coulson - Telegraph.co.uk
A former News of the World executive has claimed David Cameron was “either a liar or an idiot” to believe Andy Coulson, his ex-spin chief, was not involved in phone hacking.







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