News Headlines - 05 February 2011

▽David Cameron stands by his attack on Islamism  - Telegraph.co.uk
David Cameron is standing by his decision to attack multiculturalism and hit back at Labour claims that he was helping the far Right.

▽Does the US really want Mubarak to go? - BBC
By and large though it is the Obama administration's more nuanced line that represents the consensus here. The emphasis is upon process rather than personality - the need for an orderly transition towards a truly democratic society.

▽Gas firm blames Sinai pipeline blast on leak, not sabotage  - Jerusalem Post
Egypt’s natural gas company said the fire was caused by a gas leak – but a local security official said an explosive device was detonated inside the terminal. The regional governor said he suspected sabotage.

▽‘Poetic justice if railways work is awarded to region’ - Advertiser Series
Maria Eagle visited Hitachi’s preferred site to deliver the next generation of high speed trains under the Government’s InterCity Express Programme (IEP).
A decision on the scheme, which could create 800 jobs on Aycliffe Business Park, County Durham, and up to 7,000 more in the supply chain, is expected in weeks, but it was revealed yesterday that Aycliffe was not on the original shortlist.

▽judging the PSP2 - Metro
The response to our Hot Topic was surprisingly muted, with most people impressed enough with the hardware but very suspicious of Sony's track record on pricing and the original PSP's spartan software line-up.







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