News Headlines - 08 February 2011

▽Guardian's Moscow correspondent expelled from Russia - The Guardian
The Guardian's Moscow correspondent has been expelled from Russia, in what is believed to be the first removal of a British staff journalist from the country since the end of the cold war.
Luke Harding's forced departure comes after the newspaper's reporting of the WikiLeaks cables, where he reported on allegations that Russia under the rule of Vladimir Putin had become a "virtual mafia state".

▽British journalists frozen out of Russia - The Guardian
Russian authorities either denied entry to or deported more than 40 members of the media between 2000 to 2008, according to statistics from the Moscow-based press freedom group Centre for Journalism in Extreme Situations. British journalists who have been denied entry or expelled include:

▽Russia says talks with Japan still on - AFP
The recent flareup in relations between Russia and Japan will not affect this week's visit to Moscow by Japanese Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday.
Friday's meeting between Maehara and Lavrov was scheduled weeks before the two sides embarked on a war of words over the status of four tiny islands seized by Soviet forces from Japan at the end of World War II.

▽Oxford heads towards maximum fee - BBC
Oxford University appears to be paving the way to raise fees towards the maximum level of £9,000 per year.

▽Pensioner prevented jewellery raid 'through misunderstanding' -
Ann Timson, a retired market trader in her 70s, said in a statement issued through police that her "mother's instinct" had kicked in because she thought the disturbance was being caused by a boy being beaten up.
The extraordinary scene that ensued outside Michael Jones's jewellers in Northampton on Monday morning was captured by a cameraman who happened to be filming a documentary on the NHS.
The footage showed the gang attacking the jewellers, only to be foiled when Timson intervened. It looked too good to be true but it wasn't.







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