News Headlines - 09 February 2011

▽Senior Lib Dem sacked for criticising controversial deal for bankers - Telegraph.co.uk
Coalition tensions over bankers’ bonuses have been laid bare with the sacking of a senior Liberal Democrat who criticised a controversial deal announced by George Osborne.

▽British banks agree to lend more in peace deal - Financial Times
Britain’s banks have signed a long-awaited “peace deal” with the ruling coalition, offering £10bn of extra lending to small businesses in ex­change for more certainty on future regulation and taxes.
George Osborne, chancellor of the exchequer, said on Wednesday that the agreement would not erase public anger over the banks’ behaviour in recent years but added: “Britain needs to move from retribution to recovery.”

▽Egypt crisis: Doubts rise over Omar Suleiman's handling of situation - The Guardian
Egyptians now feel the Mubarak regime has lost the initiative as momentum shifts back to the streets

▽HP announces new Palm WebOS tablet and phones - Telegraph.co.uk
TouchPad, Pre3 and Veer will offer webOS in three different sizes

▽Copyright judge attacks file-sharing case, plaintiffs - ZDNet
In a judgement given on Tuesday, Judge Birss of the London Patents County Court said the plaintiff — MediaCAT, a company that accused people of file-sharing and demanded hundreds of pounds in settlement — was trying to abuse the judicial process by dropping a flawed case in order to re-sue the defendants later, and to avoid judicial scrutiny of the original claims. He also strongly questioned the use of IP addresses as a way to identify copyright infringers.







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