News Headlines - 14 February 2011

▽'Big society' receives boost with praise from former Labour donor - The Guardian
David Cameron's troubled "big society" received a hefty boost when a big Labour donor lavished praise on the initiative as a model that will transform the lives of millions of people globally.

▽Abused children 'in every school' - The Press Association
One in five secondary school children have been severely abused or neglected during childhood, the NSPCC said.
Almost a million children aged 11 to 17 in the UK were affected, with children being beaten up, hit with weapons, raped or seriously neglected, the NSPCC survey shows.

▽Tunisia Deploys Troops to Stop Migrant Exodus - Voice of America
Tunisian troops are patrolling ports to try to stop the mass exodus of illegal immigrants to Europe after a popular uprising toppled Tunisia's long-time president.

▽Egypt domino effect: Hosni Mubarak 'very sick' - Telegraph.co.uk
Ex-President Hosni Mubarak is sick and has fainted on at least one occasion at the Red Sea holiday villa where he has been sent into internal exile, according to sources close to his entourage.

▽Mews at 10: Downing St's new cat - The Guardian
No 10 Downing Street's latest resident is a cat called Larry, in a rewinding of the clock to the pre-New Labour era.







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