News Headlines - 15 February 2011

▽Interest rates to rise, Mervyn King hints - Telegraph.co.uk
Mervyn King, the Bank of England’s governor, has given his clearest signal yet that rates could hit 1.25 per cent by the year end, as he warned that inflation could cause serious problems for families over the next three years.

▽Egypt a threat and opportunity to Iran - Financial Times
The tentative revival of Iran’s Green movement more than a year after the regime’s post-election crackdown drove protest off the streets is a cause for celebration. The theocrats in Tehran may have greeted events in Tunisia and Egypt as “Islamic revolutions” but, as they surely know, these were uprisings against tyranny – and they are tyrants.

▽Silvio Berlusconi to face trial in underage sex case - The Guardian
Silvio Berlusconi is to go on trial on 6 April, charged with paying an underage prostitute and then trying to cover up the alleged offence by abusing his position as Italy's prime minister. All three judges named for the trial are women.

▽High court judge criticises police failure to fully investigate phone hacking - The Guardian
A high court judge has criticised the Metropolitan police for failing to adequately investigate allegations of phone hacking by the News of the World.

▽Nokia ‘made wrong choice’, says Schmidt - Financial Times
Google has insisted Nokia made the wrong choice by rejecting the US technology company’s Android smartphone operating system in favour of one by its chief rival.
Eric Schmidt, Google’s outgoing chief executive, said on Tuesday the company had extensive discussions with Nokia about the case for it using Android.







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