News Headlines - 16 February 2011

▽Clashes erupt as Libya braces for 'Day of Anger' - AFP
Dozens of people were injured in clashes in Benghazi, a hospital in Libya's second city said on Wednesday, on the eve of a nationwide "Day of Anger" called by cyber-activists in a bid to emulate revolts in neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia.

▽Student Funeral Prompts New Tehran Clashes - Voice of America
There were fresh clashes in Iran’s capital, Tehran, on Wednesday during the funeral of a student killed in a political rally earlier this week...
Both the government and the opposition in Iran say Jaleh is a martyr and that he supported their cause. Both have blamed the other for his death.

▽Slower growth seen as inflation buster - Financial Times
Britain will have to get used to slower growth if people want to avoid rising inflation, the Bank of England said on Wednesday, as its forecasts suggested the effects of the financial crisis would linger for longer than expected.

▽Forests sell-off abandoned as Cameron orders U-turn - The Guardian
David Cameron has ordered ministers to carry out the government's biggest U-turn since the general election by abandoning plans to change the ownership of 258,000 hectares of state-owned woodland.

▽Doctors Identify Kim Jong-il's 3 Main Health Problems - The Chosun Ilbo
◆ Stroke
Kim is slowly recovering from a stroke he suffered in 2008.
◆ Chronic Renal Failure from Diabetes
Kim has also reportedly been suffering from diabetes for more than a decade which has now led to chronic renal failure.
◆ Cardiovascular Disease
Doctors believe that Kim had a stroke due to the complications of diabetes.







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