News Headlines - 19 February 2011

▽White couples must be allowed to adopt ethnic children, new guidance says - Telegraph.co.uk
Social services will be ordered to allow white couples to adopt black and ethnic minority children under a radical shake-up of adoption laws to be unveiled next week.

▽Balls warns King on Bank credibility - Financial Times
Ed Balls, shadow chancellor, has criticised Mervyn King, Bank of England governor, saying he should step out of the political arena and stop tying his credibility to the coalition’s “extreme” deficit-reduction plans.

▽US regulators are investigating Apple's subscription terms - Inquirer
The Wall Street Journal reports that the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Department of Justice (DoJ) have "begun looking at the terms" of the service, which could be fall afoul of US anti-trust laws.

▽Libya cuts off Internet service -network monitor - Reuters
Internet service has been cut off in Libya as protesters step up demonstrations against longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi, according to a U.S. company that monitors Internet traffic.

▽New photo of 'English Nessie' hailed as best yet - Telegraph.co.uk
Pictures of a mysterious creature surfacing from Lake Windermere have been hailed as the best ever sighting of the English Loch Ness Monster, or "Bownessie".







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