News Headlines - 20 February 2011

▽Libya defiant as hundreds of protesters feared dead - The Guardian
Libya is defying growing international condemnation of a bloody crackdown that saw troops and mercenaries firing at unarmed demonstrators as the death toll rose to more than 200.

▽Chinese steer clear of ‘Jasmine Revolution’ - Financial Times
Online calls for a Middle East-inspired “Jasmine Revolution” in China attracted more police and journalists than would-be protesters on Sunday.

▽Huawei close to London Underground deal - Financial Times
London Underground is close to securing a deal to put a mobile network on the tube before the 2012 Olympics.
Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer, is likely to provide the telecoms equipment for the service, which will be installed and maintained by Thales, in partnership with the UK’s mobile operators.

▽Coalition may put clocks forward two hours - Telegraph.co.uk
A new 'tourism strategy', to be published by the Coalition within days, is expected to contain plans to move the country to 'double summertime', The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

▽New inflation will hammer pensioners and the low-paid -  The Guardian
This leaves us all in a strange new situation. New inflation is not going to go away. It has many causes, but they can essentially be summed up in a single word: globalisation. This was meant to give western consumers ever cheaper goods.







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