News Headlines - 02 March 2011

▽Hitachi train factory investment hailed as 'new Nissan' - BBC
That means Agility Trains, which is owned by Hitachi, will be basing itself in Newton Aycliffe, creating 500 direct jobs.
It's hoped that will also create thousands more indirectly in the local supply chain.

▽Cash for Plymouth Argyle comes from Japanese directors - BBC
BBC Radio Devon understands that the £350,000 sent from Japan is currently being held by the club's lawyers.
Plymouth's bank account was frozen last week after they issued a notice of intention to appoint an administrator.

▽Russia protests Japan's refusal to prosecute desecrators of the Russian flag - The Voice of Russia
Russia has protested to Japan regarding the Japanese authorities refusal to prosecute the individuals who desecrated the flag of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on Wednesday.
In addition, Moscow has banned the leaders of two nationalist Japanese organizations from entry into the Russian Federation for thei anti-Russian statements. On February 7th representatives of their organizations burned the Russian flag in front of the Russian embassy in Tokyo.

▽Gunman kills two US airmen outside Frankfurt airport - The Guardian
Kosovan man arrested inside terminal building, but German investigators say motive for attack unclear

▽Apple iPad 2: Thinner, Lighter, Faster -
Apple today unveiled the iPad 2, the follow-up to the original iPad it released last April. The iPad 2 features an all-new design along with new features including built-in cameras and a new gyroscope.







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