News Headlines - 03 March 2011

▽UFO files released by government - BBC
Thousands of previously classified documents on UFOs have been released by the Ministry of Defence.

▽LSE Director Quits Over Gadhafi Ties  - Wall Street Journal
Sir Howard Davies resigned as director of the London School of Economics, the most prominent casualty so far of the scandal involving ties in the academic world to the Gadhafi family.
Sir Howard had come under intense criticism since the start of the Libyan uprising over LSE's decision to accept donations from a charitable foundation controlled by the Gadhafi regime.

▽Cable vows to cut red tape for business - Financial Times
Vince Cable has pledged to relax planning laws and cut red tape for small enterprises as part of a drive to stimulate the economy.
But, addressing 200 business leaders at Thursday night’s Mansion House dinner, the business secretary was at pains to spell out the limits on his influence.

▽Go to the newsagent to pick up your pension: Post Offices lose benefit payment deal to U.S. bank - Daily Mail
Pensions and benefit cheques will no longer be cashed at post offices after ministers handed a contract for the payments to a bailed-out American bank.
Campaigners warn the move could see rural customers travelling miles to collect their money, forcing around 300,000 elderly, disabled and unemployed recipients to use new pick-up points.
Ministers have given the £20million  benefit contract, a lifeline for the Post Office Network, to Citibank – which had to be bailed out by the  U.S. government in 2008.

▽Fans face new rules to tackle Old Firm violence - Scotsman
Alcohol bans before and after Old Firm clashes and a move towards limiting weekend fixtures between Celtic and Rangers will be discussed at an emergency summit ordered in the wake of the "disgraceful scenes" of violence at Wednesday night's Scottish Cup tie.







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