News Headlines - 04 March 2011

▽The great books giveaway - The Guardian
On Saturday 5 March, a million books will be given away across the UK in the first ever World Book Night. We asked writers which books they give as gifts and which they've been most pleased to receive. And children's authors recommended books to give to children

▽A European court puts an end to sex-based premiums  - The Economist
THERE were howls of protest from the insurance industry when the European Court of Justice ruled on March 1st that a person’s sex should not be used to set insurance policies. It will be expensive for some, argued insurers: no more cheap premiums for careful female drivers, and lower annuities for shorter-lived men.

▽Teenagers jailed for running £16m internet crime forum - The Guardian
Three teenagers who founded and operated one of the world's largest English-language internet crime forums, described in court as "Crimebook", have been sentenced to up to five years in custody.

▽Lady Gaga sues Covent Garden shop over ‘Baby Gaga’ flavour human breast ice cream - Daily Mail
Covent Garden outlet The Icecreamists made the news last month by announcing their plans for the mammary-based milk but by naming the product Baby Gaga, they’ve outraged a global phenomenon.
Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, is to sue the ice cream shop over a product her lawyers call ‘nausea-inducing’ and ‘intended to take advantage of [her] reputation and goodwill’.

▽The Five Best Business Apps For Your IPad And IPhone -
1 Roambi Visualizer
2 Salesforce Mobile
3 Cisco WebEx
4 Citrix Receiver ( iPhone / iPad )
5 Keynote ( iPad )







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