News Headlines - 05 March 2011

▽UK to send advisers to Libya, troops if needed - Reuters
Britain said on Saturday it was hoping to send a diplomatic taskforce to Libya soon to make contact with opposition leaders and had readied a battalion of troops to aid humanitarian and evacuation efforts if needed.

▽Petrol prices could double, minister warns - Independent
Soaring petrol prices could reach £2 a litre if the situation in Libya and other oil-producing nations in the region worsens, the Overseas Development Minister has warned.
Alan Duncan fears the record $147-a-barrel price reached for oil in 2008 will be smashed unless calm returns to the Middle East and North Africa in the coming months.

▽Mervyn King: Bankers exploit gullible borrowers to pay for their bonuses - The Guardian
A fragile peace pact between the government and Britain's top banks has fractured as the Bank of England's governor, Mervyn King, delivered a scathing rebuke to top financiers for taking big bonuses while exploiting "gullible or unsuspecting" customers.

▽Rupert Murdoch 'will slash BSkyB marketing spend' - Daily Mail
Rupert Murdoch is expected to slash BSkyB's £1.2billion annual marketing budget by up to a third - adding hundreds of millions of pounds to its profits at a stroke if he acquires the 61 per cent of BSkyB he does not own.

▽Bristol Cars, the British motoring institution, goes into administration - Telegraph.co.uk
The administrators hope to find new owners, but it is believed 22 of the firm's 27 employees have been made redundant, including all the staff working at the manufacturing base in Bristol.







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