News Headlines - 06 March 2011

▽Libya: SAS mission that began and ended in error - Telegraph.co.uk
A SAS mission to Libya resulted in humiliation after the troops were first captured by rebels, then a diplomat’s plea for their release was broadcast on state television.

▽China Tracks Foreign Journalists - New York Times
Western journalists have lately been tolerated in China, if grudgingly, but the spread of revolution in the Middle East has prompted the authorities here to adopt a more familiar tack: suddenly, foreign reporters are being tracked and detained in the same manner — though hardly as roughly — as political dissidents.

▽Irish coalition government formed between Fine Gael and Labour - The Guardian
A compromise over how to tackle the huge national debt has enabled Fine Gael to form a coalition government with Labour in Ireland.
The deal theoretically gives Ireland one of its most stable governments in postwar history with a massive majority in the Dáil.

▽Prince Andrew's special trade role to be downgraded - The Guardian
Prince Andrew's role as Britain's special trade representative is to be downgraded as ministers seek to distance themselves from his controversial dealings with discredited business figures.

▽So Far, Rivals Can’t Beat iPad’s Price - New York Times
The iPad 2, unveiled on Wednesday, offers several sleek improvements over its predecessor. But its most attractive feature is perhaps the same one its predecessor had: the price tag.







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