News Headlines - 07 March 2011

▽Downing Street struggles to contain row over Prince Andrew's trade role - The Guardian
A Downing Street operation to shore up the position of Prince Andrew as Britain's special trade representative ran into trouble as the government struggled to take control of a row over his dealings with controversial business figures.
A list of "company endorsements" of the Duke of York's performance as Britain's special trade envoy, compiled by his private office, backfired when it emerged that many of the tributes were four years old.

▽Readers want answers as Prime Minister and Cabinet make historic city visit - Derby Evening Telegraph
PRIME Minister David Cameron made history today by holding a meeting of his entire Cabinet in Derby...
And rail union official Bob Rixham asks what will be done to help assure the future of city train-builder Bombardier after it lost a major Government contract to Japanese firm Hitachi.

▽Luxury goods retailer LVMH adds Bulgari to its collection - Daily Mail
The French luxury goods firm behind Tag Heuer and Veuve Clicquot is adding another bauble to its collection of upmarket brands in the form of Italian watch and jewellery maker Bulgari.
LVMH, which is run by France's richest man Bernard Arnaut, is paying £3.6billion in a cash-and-shares deal.
It will exchange 16.5million of its own shares for the 152.2million shares in Bulgari (a 56p stake) owned by the company's founding family.

▽State pension reform: £140 a week for everyone - Telegraph.co.uk
Pensioners are to receive a flat-rate universal retirement payment of £140 a week that will end the injustice of working mothers being penalised for taking a break to raise children, under reforms to be signalled by Iain Duncan Smith today.

▽Facebook adds suicide help system - BBC
Facebook is launching a system that allows users to 'report' friends who they think may be contemplating suicide.







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