News Headlines - 10 March 2011

▽Advance train fares for 2012 Games - The Press Association
London 2012 Olympics spectators travelling to events by rail will be able to buy tickets a year in advance of the Games.
The "competitively priced" tickets will be flexible to fit in with sudden changes to travellers' plans or late-finishing events, said organisers.

▽Kinect 'fastest-selling electronics device on record' - BBC
Microsoft has sold more than 10 million Kinect sensor systems since launch on 4 November and - according to Guinness World Records - is the fastest-selling consumer electronics device on record.

▽Barclays told to inject €500m - Financial Times
The Bank of Spain added to Barclays’ woes in the country on Thursday, declaring that the UK group must inject more than €500m ($690m) to meet new capital requirements.
Barclays announced recently that its Spanish unit – one of its biggest outside its home market – was heavily lossmaking, having generated corporate loan impairments of £900m ($1.44bn) last year, triple the 2009 figure.

▽Saudi Police Open Fire at Protest, Witnesses Say - New York Times
Saudi police opened fire at a protest march in a restive, oil-rich province of the kingdom on Thursday, wounding at least three, according to witnesses there. The crackdown came a day before a planned “day of rage” throughout the country that officials have said they will not tolerate.

▽Smoking Starts at Age 9 in U.K.'s Poorest Town - Fox News
The average age to start smoking in Britain's most deprived town is just nine, according to a National Health Service survey cited Thursday by The Sun.
But many are even younger. One boy got hooked aged three because his grandparents thought it was funny to give him cigarettes.







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