News Headlines - 14 March 2011

▽Japan crisis: third explosion raises spectre of nuclear nightmare - Telegraph.co.uk
The Fukushima crisis now rates as a more serious accident than the partial meltdown at Three Mile Island in the US in 1979, and is second only to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, according to the French nuclear safety authority. After insisting for three days that the situation was under control, Japan urgently appealed to US and UN nuclear experts for technical help on preventing white-hot fuel rods melting.

▽GE Helps Japanese Partner Hitachi With Damaged Nukes - Forbes
General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt has said his company plans to provide assistance in averting nuclear disaster in Japan. GE made one of the reactors that was compromised in the earthquake and tsunami that struck Friday.

▽Electronics: Another casualty of Japan's disaster - msnbc.com
Consumer electronics is just one of many industries left hobbled in the wake of Japan's catastrophic earthquake, its aftershocks and the tsunami that followed. While the loss of life is the most tragic consequence of the disaster, the Japanese people's livelihoods will also be affected in the aftermath.

▽Nursing student charged with funding Stockholm suicide bomber - Telegraph.co.uk
A nursing student claiming to be from Kuwait has appeared in court accused of helping fund the Stockholm suicide bomb attack.

▽U.S.-Saudi Tensions Intensify With Mideast Turmoil - New York Times
Even before Saudi Arabia sent troops into Bahrain on Monday to quell an uprising it fears might spill across its own borders, American officials were increasingly concerned that the kingdom’s stability could ultimately be threatened by regional unrest, succession politics and its resistance to reform.







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