News Headlines - 17 March 2011

▽UN Security Council Set To Vote On Libya Resolution - RTT News
The 15-member United Nations Security Council is set to vote Thursday afternoon on a resolution calling for the enforcement of a no-fly-zone over Libya to prevent the Qadhafi regime from using fighter planes to attack anti-government protesters and rebels, according to diplomats.

▽OIL FUTURES: Oil Surges As Libya Flares, Japan Crisis Ebbs - Wall Street Journal
Oil futures surged past $101 a barrel Thursday as Japan claimed progress in controlling the crisis at a damaged nuclear plant and Western countries appeared closer to intervening in Libya.

▽Emergency Power Reaches Crippled Japan Nuclear Plant - Voice of America
Japanese engineers worked through the night Thursday to extend an emergency power cable to a nuclear reactor complex crippled by the country's earthquake and tsunami a week ago.

▽EU to force social network sites to enhance privacy - The Guardian
The European Union is to enshrine a "right to be forgotten online" to ensure that, among other things, prospective employers cannot find old Facebook party photos of someone wearing nothing but a lampshade.

▽3DS Breaks Amazon Preorder Records - Cubed3
Amazon UK has announced the the 3DS, due for release next week, is the most pre-ordered console to date, topping Wii and PS3.
Nintendo's latest portable, out on Friday 25th March, now holds the retailer's record after topping the PS3's pre-order figures by 20% and the Wii's by a staggering 56%. It even swamped the DSi's pre-orders by 255%.







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