News Headlines - 19 March 2011

▽Electric power partially restored at Japan nuclear plant - Los Angeles Times
Engineers restore power to cooling pumps at two of the buildings at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, but not to the most troublesome reactors yet. Meanwhile, manual spraying of seawater seems to be reducing radiation levels.

▽Pentagon: Libya is 'multi-phase operation' - BBC
Speaking from the Pentagon, Vice Admiral Gortney said the mission aimed to "prevent further attacks on citizens and opposition groups" and to "degrade the regime's capability to resist the no-fly zone".

▽Yemen protests: Evidence snipers shot to kill - Telegraph.co.uk
Photographs and amateur video footage have provided the first compelling evidence that professional snipers shot to kill when they opened fire on an anti-government demonstration in Yemen that left at least 52 protesters dead.

▽Ofsted asks parents to rate schools on new website - BBC
Parents are to be encouraged to rate their children's schools on the Ofsted website.

▽Apple closes iPad loophole that let children run up bills on 'free-to-play' games - Daily Mail
Computer giant Apple has caved in to pressure from parents by promising to introduce safeguards to stop children running up ‘hidden and underhand’ charges on games that appear to be free to play.







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