News Headlines - 22 March 2011

▽Libyan air strikes: Armed Forces minister admits there is no exit strategy - Telegraph.co.uk
Nick Harvey, the Armed Forces minister, was asked how long Britain would be involved in the military operation in north Africa. He replied: “How long is a piece of string? We don’t know how long this is going to go on for.”

▽Violence warning as unions plan mass march - Reuters
Trade unions said on Tuesday their march this weekend will be the country's biggest protest for years, but police fear splinter groups will attempt to repeat last December's street violence.

▽Tighter rules for UK student visas - BBC
The rules for student visas into the UK are to be much tougher - after fears that this route of entry is being used dishonestly.

▽Play.com admits to email losses during security breach - Inquirer
PLAY.COM'S CEO John Perkins has claimed that a security breach at its email service provider Silverpop led to the release of customer email addresses.
In an official statement Perkins explained that his firm thinks the security breach occurred in December when "irregular activity" was spotted. But it was not until Sunday 20 March that Play.com customers started getting spam email.

▽Amazon Launches Appstore For Android - InformationWeek
Amazon on Tuesday unveiled Amazon Appstore for Android, despite Apple's attempt to deny Amazon that name through a trademark claim on the term "App Store."







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