News Headlines - 26 March 2011

▽When the steam clears - The Economist
There will certainly be more durable effects too. Years of clean-up will drag into decades. A permanent exclusion zone could end up stretching beyond the plant’s perimeter. Seriously exposed workers may be at increased risk of cancers for the rest of their lives (which may nevertheless be long). A concern for the long term, like uncertainty and fear, is one of the things that nuclear power invariably brings to discussions of future energy.

▽Gaddafi's forces target international journalists in Libya - The Guardian
Journalists from across the world have been targeted by Muammar Gaddafi's security forces while reporting a war in which the front lines have often been difficult to define.

▽Russian MPs 'banned from wearing miniskirts' - Telegraph.co.uk
Russian MPs and their aides will soon have to follow a new ethics code forbidding miniskirts and indiscreet behaviour that may tarnish the image of parliament, a report said on Friday.

▽Foursquare has doubled its users since Facebook Places launched says chief - Telegraph.co.uk
Dennis Crowley, Foursquare’s chief, has denied that the launch of Facebook’s rival location service, ‘Places’, has negatively affected his service’s membership, saying its registered users has doubled since the social network upped the ante.

▽Apple iPad 2: review - Telegraph.co.uk
The iPad 2 refines last year’s product, adds a few premium features and makes a very tempting package.







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