News Headlines - 29 March 2011

▽US and Britain may arm Libya rebels if Gaddafi clings to power - The Guardian
At the end of a conference on Libya in London, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said for the first time that she believed arming rebel groups was legal under UN security council resolution 1973, passed two weeks ago, which also provided the legal justification for air strikes.

▽Records Show 56 Safety Violations at U.S. Nuclear Power Plants in Past 4 Years - ABC News
Among the litany of violations at U.S. nuclear power plants are missing or mishandled nuclear material, inadequate emergency plans, faulty backup power generators, corroded cooling pipes and even marijuana use inside a nuclear plant, according to an ABC News review of four years of Nuclear Regulatory Commission safety records.

▽Radioactive particles from Fukushima nuclear plant are detected in OXFORDSHIRE as experts warn Japan has 'lost race' to save reactor - Daily Mail
Radiation from the Fukushima leak has been detected across Britain, it was confirmed today as Japan was put on 'maximum' alert.

▽Arts Council told to sell off masterpieces in damning report by MPs - The Guardian
The Arts Council in England has been told to sell works from its art collection – which includes masterpieces by Anish Kapoor, Sarah Lucas, Mark Wallinger and Damien Hirst – in a highly critical report.

▽Let the Royal Wedding be your Oyster: Special edition travelcard celebrates Kate and William's big day - Daily Mail
To celebrate their impending nuptials, TFL are launching a special edition Oyster card featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton which will go on sale eight days before the big day.







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