News Headlines - 30 March 2011

▽Libyan foreign minister defects to UK - Financial Times
Libya’s foreign minister was reported to have quit his post and arrived in the UK on Wednesday night.
The defection of such a senior ally of Col Muammer Gaddafi will be a blow to the regime, just as it seemed to be making gains against the rebels in the east of the country inspite of Nato military actrion.

▽Gang violence blamed as five-year-old girl is shot in south London - The Guardian
Escalating gang violence is being blamed for the shooting of a five-year-old girl who was struck in the chest by a bullet when teenagers on bicycles sprayed a south London shop with gunfire as they tried to kill their rivals.

▽Police face 'big challenge' to safeguard front line - BBC
Some police forces in England and Wales face a "big challenge" to make cuts and not lose front-line officers, the chief inspector of constabulary has warned.

▽Lloyd's warns insurance premiums may rise after series of disasters - The Guadian
London insurance market's chief executive expects 2011 to be 'challenging' as he reports 43% plunge in profits for 2010

▽Tesla sues Top Gear over 'faked' electric car race - The Guadian
Electric sports car maker Tesla Motors is sueing the BBC's Top Gear TV programme for allegedly faking a scene showing the company's Roadster car running out of electricity and slowing to a halt in a race.

Top Gear Tesla: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DfHyGD7_pM







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