News Headlines - 08 April 2011

▽Computer gamers less likely to go to university, research shows - The Guardian
Frequently playing computer games appears to reduce a teenager's chances of going to university, while reading enhances the likelihood that they will go on to study for a degree, according to Oxford University research that tracked 17,000 people born in 1970.

▽Iceland braced for No vote on €4bn refund - Financial Times
Icelanders are poised to decide on Saturday whether the country should repay Britain and the Netherlands €4bn (£5.8bn) lost in the failed Icesave bank, with the latest polls predicting a No vote that would throw the government’s economic recovery efforts into disarray.

▽Sir Patrick Stewart leads actor protest over arts cuts - BBC
Some of the UK's leading actors have gathered in London to protest against the recent round of Arts cuts.

▽More defectors 'set to point the finger' over Lockerbie inquiry - Scotsman
RELATIVES of American victims of the Lockerbie bombing are expecting more Libyan defectors to shed further light on the atrocity that killed 270 people.

▽Strapped in for ejection seat test – at 600 mph - msnbc.com
BAE Systems tested a new ejection seat that will be deployed on over 3,000 F-35 Lightning II combat jets around the world, using a 600-mph rocket car, a battery of sensors and one lucky mannequin. They captured it on video — but don't blink or you'll miss it.







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