News Headlines - 12 April 2011

▽Fukushima put on Chernobyl level - Times of India
Just two weeks before the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl, the world's worst nuclear disaster, Fukushima in Japan has been declared a level 7 disaster that is, equal to the scale of the Chernobyl disaster.

▽Japan's battle for Fukushima is far from over, one month on - The Guardian
Several hundred engineers continue struggle to prevent meltdown at nuclear plant but the risks are still immense

▽Radiation from Fukushima spreads, but threat to rest of world is low - The Guadian
Amounts of radioactive contamination have been detected around the globe but not in levels dangerous to human health

▽Fukushima rating is bad - but not worse - Financial Times
Nuclear experts agree that the radiological consequences of Chernobyl were far more serious – for two main reasons.
Firstly, ferocious explosions at Chernobyl sent nuclear material 9km into the air, spreading radioactive fall-out far from Ukraine. Even 25 years later, farmers 2,000km away in north Wales are still restricted in land use because of long-lived contamination.
Secondly, the Japanese authorities protected both emergency workers and the local population from radiation exposure immediately after the Fukushima accident.

▽Fukushima crisis "static" but not stable-U.S. NRC - Reuters
Japan's nuclear crisis appears to be "static" but not yet stable as the damaged reactors still need to be cooled, the head of the U.S. nuclear safety regulator said on Tuesday.







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