News Headlines - 13 April 2011

▽Libya: US urged to return to front line - Telegraph.co.uk
The United States was on Wednesday night facing calls to return to the front line in Libya, amid growing fears that Nato is failing to make progress against Col Muammar Gaddafi's forces.

▽US lacks credibility on debt, says IMF - Financial Times
The US lacks a “credible strategy” to stabilise its mounting public debt, posing a small but significant risk of a new global economic crisis, says the International Monetary Fund.

▽Economic crisis could push gold price to $1,600, warns report - The Guardian
The price of gold has rallied strongly this year, hitting a new record of $1,476.37 an ounce this week, driven on by concerns over inflation, a weak dollar and the shaky economic recovery... But the increase was met by soaring demand. Investment in physical bars rose 66% and jewellery demand rose 11% despite rising prices.

▽Nokia Unveils New Symbian Smartphones - Wall Street Journal
Nokia Corp. unveiled two new smartphones Tuesday in an attempt to stem its drop in market share as the struggling handset giant transitions to using software from Microsoft Corp.

▽Fujitsu £2bn broadband plan threatens BT - Financial Times
BT is facing a fresh competitive threat after Fujitsu revealed plans on Wednesday to build a £2bn high-speed broadband network covering 5m homes in rural Britain.
With BT and Virgin Media rolling out high-speed broadband networks that are largely focused on towns and cities, Fujitsu’s plans could ensure that rural households and businesses do not miss out on superfast internet access.







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