News Headlines - 14 April 2011

▽Almost one in eight in UK are foreign born - Telegraph.co.uk
Almost one in eight people living in the UK are now foreign born after hitting record levels in the wake of the largest wave of immigration in history.

▽Police "kettling" at G20 protest ruled unlawful - Reuters
The use by London police of "kettling" containment tactics during anti-G20 protests in 2009 was unlawful, the High Court ruled on Thursday.

▽Unexpected arrest in phone-hacking case leaves News of the World stunned - The Guardian
The News of the World reacted to the unexpected arrest of one of its most senior reporters by clearing his desk.
Despite the paper having promised that it would co-operate fully with police inquiries, executives descended on the desk of former news editor James Weatherup moments after learning of his arrest. Under the eyes of their legal team, they bagged up notebooks, papers and recording machines and removed them "via our lawyers", a firm whose identity the publisher refused to confirm.

▽BP faces storms of protest at annual meeting - The Guardian
Oil company BP has come under fire from both shareholders and protesters at its annual meeting as the anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster looms.

▽Cost surge under new Google CEO unnerves Street - Reuters
Google Inc's stunning 54 percent spending surge spooked investors already worried its new CEO may take his eye off the bottom line to chase revenue growth, driving its shares more than 5 percent lower.







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