News Headlines - 20 April 2011

▽War in Libya Could Drag On, Military Analysts Say - New York Times
France and Italy said Wednesday that they would join Britain in sending some liaison officers to support the rebel army in Libya, in what military analysts said was a sign that there would be no quick and easy end to the war in Libya.

▽Libya: British photographer killed in Misurata - BBC
Tim Hetherington, a leading British photojournalist, has been killed while covering the fighting in the Libyan city of Misurata, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

▽British servicewoman killed in Afghanistan - The Guardian
A woman serving with the British army's bomb disposal team in Afghanistan has died following an operation in Helmand province, the Ministry of Defence has announced.

▽Hundreds dead in Nigeria post-poll violence - Aljazeera.net
More than 200 killed and 40,000 displaced after supporters of defeated candidate go on a rampage in northern Nigeria.

▽Russia, China block UN resolution on Yemen - Financial Times
The international community appeared powerless to address Yemen’s escalating crisis, as Russia and China blocked a resolution on violence against protesters at the UN Security Council on Tuesday night.







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