News Headlines - 22 April 2011

▽Amazon cloud still on fritz after 36 hours - Register
Amazon's cloud is still on the fritz, a day and a half after the company first reported connection problems, latency issues, and increased error rates across the service. But on Friday morning, the company said that full service should be restored for a "majority" of users by the afternoon Pacific time.

▽Samsung countersues Apple on new ground - Register
Samsung has countersued Apple in response to the raft of patent- and trademark-infringment lawsuits that Cupertino launched against it earlier this week.
But the Korean electronics giant isn't fighting back against Apple's allegations that it appropriated the iPhone and iPad's look-and-feel. Instead, it's mounting its counteroffensive on completely separate technical grounds.

▽Fresh blow to AV as older voters back first-past-the post - Daily Mail
The ‘Yes to AV’ campaign was dealt a fresh blow after a poll showed older voters were largely opposed to ditching the one person, one vote system.
A survey of nearly 12,000 over-50s by Saga showed just 32 per cent were in favour of AV while 50 per cent wanted to stick with first-past-the-post.
English over-50s were especially sceptical about AV, with more than 50 per cent opposed to it.

▽After 13 years, Catholic faith in the Good Friday Agreement wears thin - The Independent
Thirteen years ago today, when the Good Friday Agreement was signed, it was a very different place: there were British soldiers and armoured personnel carriers, a sign that this corner of the North was a hotbed of IRA activity. That has changed. But recently Coalisland – considered to be the embodiment of the "peace dividend" – has shown signs that Northern Ireland still struggles to put the troubles behind it.

▽Bristol City council must support the community and reject Tesco - The Guadian
Thousands have been campaigning for more than a year to stop Tesco opening in Stokes Croft, Bristol. The reasons for not wanting a Tesco in our community range from the impact on local shops and farmers through to deep concerns that the dominance of the supermarket model creates a risk of us not being able to feed ourselves in a future when oil prices soar. More than 2,500 petition cards were sent to Bristol City Council objecting to Tesco and 96% of the 700 people surveyed said they didn't want another supermarket.







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