News Headlines - 26 April 2011

▽PlayStation Network Hack Leaves Credit Card Info at Risk - Wired News
Sony thinks an “unauthorized person” now has access to all PlayStation Network account information and passwords, and may have obtained users’ credit card numbers.

▽Up close with Sony's S1/S2 tablets - CNET
At long last, Sony has thrown its hat into the tablet ring, announcing two models on Tuesday code-named S1 and S2. The S1 is aimed at media consumption, while the dual-screen S2 is suited for communication (but can still play media).

▽Congress deepens Apple location tracking probe - Reuters
Lawmakers extended their probe into location tracking on mobile devices this week, asking Apple Inc and other developers to divulge how they use location data and scheduling a separate hearing on mobile privacy.

▽France, Italy want EU open-border treaty reform - ABC Online
France and Italy have proposed a reform of Europe's open-borders treaty that would allow member states to re-impose internal frontier controls temporarily in case of a major influx of migrants.

▽Was Chernobyl really worse than Fukushima? - Christian Science Monitor
“It is clear that the two cases are different in nature,” Mr. Edano said at a press conference.
However, some European experts claim that Fukushima’s release of certain radioactive isotopes is within range of Chernobyl’s. Fukushima has emitted amounts of cesium 137 and iodine 131 that are close to those that escaped from Chernobyl’s burning core, according to estimates from Austria’s national weather service... Despite the dire aftereffects of Chernobyl, Fukushima could end up having a greater negative effect on the credibility of the nuclear industry, some say.







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