News Headlines - 30 April 2011

▽Royal wedding: inside the lunchtime reception - Telegraph.co.uk
The Prince of Wales made a joke about his son’s hairline; Prince William exacted his revenge by poking fun at his father’s expanding waistline. The Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton, looked amused by it all.
Following the formalities of the royal wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the guests were treated to laughter - and a few tears - during the lunchtime reception that followed at Buckingham Palace.

▽Royals bask in wedding success as honeymoon is postponed - The Guardian
Late on Saturday morning, as the happy couple's helicopter lifted off from the gardens of Buckingham Palace and Prince Charles reclaimed his Aston Martin, minus the "Just Wed" plates, the majority of commentators were agreed: the wedding of William and Kate had been something of a triumph for "The Firm".

▽Royal Wedding Snapshot: Who Got the Most Buzz? - Mashable
The Royal Wedding participants have all put away their tiaras, swords and spurs, and now it’s time to see who created and received the most social media buzz during the gigantic worldwide celebration.

▽Facebook bullying of headteachers on rise, says poll - The Guardian
One in five heads told the union they had been hounded on social networking sites by pupils, ex-pupils and parents, while two-thirds claimed parents' behaviour has got worse over the last few years. Some 1,362 heads responded to the poll.

▽The Tesco riot is no surprise given people's powerlessness - The Guardian
Last week's riot in Bristol's Stokes Croft has dissipated, but the debate beneath is still a crackle of irreconcilable assertions: Tesco claims that many residents wanted the store, though the company has yet to announce whether it will reopen. Residents and some councillors insist that they did not want it, and the squatters who were the focus of the police attention say they were never anything to do with the No Tesco lobby in the first place.







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