News Headlines - 11 May 2011

▽Inflation will hit 5% as growth slows, predicts Mervyn King - The Guardian
Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, warned yesterday that the economy has hit a "soft patch" and consumers must brace themselves for a continued squeeze on living standards, with inflation likely to hit 5% this year.

▽At least 10 dead after two earthquakes strike Spanish town - The Independent
At least 10 people were killed and dozens more injured when two earthquakes struck a historic town in the south-east of Spain within two hours of each other.

▽Police commissioners plan thrown out by Lords - BBC
The plan for directly-elected police and crime commissioners, which would replace elected police authorities in England and Wales, is one of the government's flagship crime and policing policies.

▽A schoolboy from Cambridgeshire wears a skirt to school - BBC
A Cambridgeshire boy has worn a skirt to school in a protest against what he said was "discrimination".

▽Google Chromebook promises a new model of computing - BBC
His comments came on the second day of the company's developer conference, where Google announced that so-called Chromebooks will go on sale in June.
Samsung and Acer will be the first manufacturers to offer the devices, for between $349 and $499, in the US and six European countries initially.







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