News Headlines - 19 May 2011

▽Google boss: anti-piracy laws would be disaster for free speech - The Guardian
Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, warned on Wednesday that government plans to block access to illicit filesharing websites could set a "disastrous precedent" for freedom of speech.

▽Government to scrap plans to let off rapists early - Telegraph.co.uk
The Government is set to abandon plans to allow rapists and violent criminals only to serve half of their jail terms.

▽US Stocks Advance As Good IPO Feeling Outweighs Weak Data - Wall Street Journal
Major stock indexes staged their second straight gain Thursday as a doubling in LinkedIn's share price spurred hopes that initial public offerings can lure more investors into risk assets.

▽Apple causes ‘religious’ reaction in brains of fans, say neuroscientists - Digitaltrends.com
In a recently screened BBC documentary, UK neuroscientists suggested that the brains of Apple devotees are stimulated by Apple imagery in the same way that the brains of religious people are stimulated by religious imagery.

▽'Lego Harry Potter' confirmed for Sony NGP - The Independent
Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 will be one of the first games on Sony's new portable console, currently known as the NGP, with Warner Bros. Interactive targeting a launch between October and December 2011.







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