News Headlines - 20 May 2011

▽Footballer sues Twitter over gagging injunction - Scotsman
A PREMIERSHIP footballer is suing Twitter and several of its users after information that was supposed to be covered by a super-injunction was published on the micro-blogging site.

▽Footballer starts legal hunt for Twitter users who broke injunction - The Independent
The Lord Chief Justice made an outspoken attack on "modern technology" yesterday and drew a parallel between those who spread lies on the internet and paedophiles who circulate child pornography.

▽Morley gets 16 months' jail for expenses fraud - The Independent
Elliot Morley, the most senior politician to face trial over the expenses scandal was sentenced yesterday to 16 months in jail for fiddling more than £30,000.

▽Japanese superquake moved ocean floor 79 feet sideways and 10 feet up - and new data shows region is under more strain - Daily Mail
The ocean floor shifted sideways by 79 feet in the Japanese earthquake in March - much further than scientists originally predicted.
And researchers are warning that immense amounts of seismic stress remain stored in the area, putting it at risk of further devastating earthquakes.

▽Leaders of Japan, China, S. Korea meet in Fukushima - AFP
Leaders of Japan, China and South Korea were to gather in Fukushima City Saturday in a gesture of solidarity over the ongoing nuclear crisis -- but with Tokyo's neighbours reportedly concerned by its actions.







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