News Headlines - 23 May 2011

▽Ryan Giggs named as sex cheat soccer star by MP - Mirror.co.uk
RYAN Giggs’s desperate bid to keep his name out of the papers over an alleged secret affair with Imogen Thomas was doomed from the moment he threatened to sue Twitter users for outing him... And his farcical attempts at hiding behind a court gagging order finally came to an end yesterday when Lib Dem MP John Hemming told the Commons the former Wales international was the ­footballer who had the alleged six-month fling with 28-year-old Big Brother star Imogen.

▽Iceland volcanic ash cloud forces airlines to change flight schedules - The Guardian
Densest parts of Grimsvötn volcano's thick ash clouds expected to exceed a new air travel safety threshold

▽Obama in Ireland: president searches for 'missing apostrophe' - Telegraph.co.uk
The threat of disruption from an Icelandic volcano's ash forced Mr Obama to leave Dublin for London last night, ahead of schedule, but he still had more than enough time to charm Ireland.

▽Obama's UK visit gives hope to Cameron - The Guardian
David Cameron is hopeful Barack Obama's two-day state visit to the UK, formally starting on Tuesday, will end with the two leaders asserting they are aligned on tackling financial deficits.

▽Pakistan humiliated by Bin Laden revenge attack - The Independent
Pakistan was last night conducting a major manhunt for the two terrorists who managed to escape after mounting the one of the most brazen attacks yet on the country's powerful military.







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